Pepper Companion Plants

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There are a variety of plants that will compliment pepper plantings. For example, you can plant carnations or onions next to peppers. Or you can use a mix of wildflowers and peppers in your garden. These plants will provide pollinators, nectar, and habitat for a number of beneficial insects. They will also enhance the ecological resilience of your pepper plantings.


Carrots and peppers are both in the same family, and growing them together can be beneficial. The same pests and diseases affect both plants, so growing them together helps reduce the risk of disease and pest buildup. Carrots can also be grown with other heavy feeders, such as peppers, potatoes, and cabbage.


Plants that grow well with onions can increase the flavor of your produce, while deterring pests from your garden. Peppers and onions have different growing conditions, but both vegetables benefit from the presence of one another. Onions grow best in sunny garden spots. They also benefit from quality organic nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Onions deter a variety of common garden pests, including cabbage worms, loopers, and cabbage maggots.


Petunias make excellent companion plants for peppers. They provide a natural barrier to pests that can harm your pepper plants. Petunias repel leafhoppers, tomato worms, and aphids. They also provide shade for your pepper plants and can be used to control weeds.


Growing dill pepper alongside your other plants can help them stay healthier and more productive. In addition to its delicious flavor, dill also repels many garden pests. Its fragrant oil and pollen attract beneficial insects that help keep harmful insects in check.

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Cilantro is a great companion plant for various crops. It attracts beneficial pollinators and deters unwanted insects. Like mint, sweet alyssum and sage, cilantro is very easy to grow. It also benefits from the presence of legumes, which increase the nitrogen content of the soil and enhance the quality of the cilantro plant.


Radishes are an excellent companion plant for peppers, and grow well together in a sunny spot. Radishes are part of the Brassica family, and have a pungent flavor. They are round or oblong in shape, and have white, yellow, or red skin, with a white inner flesh.


Lettuce companion plants for peppers are ideal because they have similar soil needs and will help boost the biological control of peppers. They will also help ward off certain flies. If you grow peppers near other plants, however, you should consider planting chives. This herb has excellent flavor and is hardy to hardy zones 6 and above. You should avoid planting chives near peas and beans. Another plant that makes a great companion for peppers is eggplant. Both are members of the family Solanaceae and will thrive when grown together.

Sweet alyssum

Sweet alyssum is an herb that attracts beneficial insects to pepper plants. These insects eat and lay eggs on pests. This plant also produces sweet flowers.


Chives are perennial herbs that enhance the flavor and yield of pepper plants. Their edible purple flowers are loved by bees. The plant also helps repel pests, so you should plant it near your pepper plants.

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