The Tulip Grove

The silver mound plant, or Artemisia schmidtiana, is a member of the Asteraceae family. It is native to Japan and […]

The creeping juniper plant, also known as the creeping cedar, is a low-growing shrub that is native to northern North […]

The walking iris plant, Neomarica northiana, is a flowering plant native to Brazil. This plant is a member of the […]

Agave americana is a flowering plant native to Mexico and the United States. Its distinctive blue-green leaves make it an […]

Cucumber companion plants help cucumbers thrive in the garden and discourage pests. They can also provide additional nutrients for cucumbers. […]

The California lilac plant belongs to the genus Ceanothus, a family of about 50 species. Common names for this plant […]

There are many companion plants for kale. Some of the best are sweet alyssum, Chive, Lemongrass, and Nasturtium. Some of […]

If you’re looking to plant a flowering plant in your garden, consider adding a Gaura plant. This plant genus is […]